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House Rules:


  • Access to pool and grounds subject to HOA rules

  • Must sign written agreement to follow HOA rules

  • Pre-approved trained dogs allowed

  • Please leave all supplied items for the next guest to use

  • Please clean up after yourself when you leave to avoid additional charges.

  • No parties

  • No loud music

  • No additional guest

  • No off leash dogs outside of back yard

  • No children under 14 without prior approval

  • No pets may be left un-crated or outside

  • No barking dogs inside or outside the home

  • No one under 18 may be left alone in unit or on grounds



HOA rules:

1. Small private picnics are allowed in the common areas but only if reservations are made in advance. Cleaning the area and controlling the noise level is the responsibility of the resident/user.

2. Dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed to roam through the parking lots and grounds. The owner/resident is responsible for cleaning up any messes the dog makes and disposing of it in the trash bin on the return home.

3. Each unit has been assigned a parking space in the carports. Any cars using these assigned spaces without the tenant’s permission will be towed away at the car owner’s expense. Each section has numerous “Visitor” parking spaces and it is the resident’s responsibility to tell their visitors to use these parking spaces. Parking is not allowed in front of the dumpster or behind other cars in the carport, or any space that is not marked for parking.

4. Visitor parking is limited to 72 hours. Parking boats or trailers in the “Visitor Parking” spaces is not permitted at any time. Cars left in the visitor parking for more than 72 hours will be towed
away at the owner’s expense.

5. We ask all residents to respect the rights of their neighbors and help keep the dumpster areas clean. All trash must be put inside the dumpster and the dumpster lids should be kept closed.

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