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Month to Month Renting Option

Month to Month Renting Option

With this option you may reserve dates you would like to rent through AirBNB at

This is a month to month includes internet, satellite television and all utilities. The rate will not change during the reserved term.  You would still have the right to give 30 days' notice and move if you decided you no longer needed the home for as long as you anticipated.  

AirBNB fees do apply and are in addition to the nighty rate. 

Monthly Rent is paid through AirBNB with your chosen payment method. 

There is no lease agreement as the terms and house rules are agreed to when you make the reservation.  HOA rules will still need a signature prior to occupancy. 


You can upload your photo ID to AirBNB so you do not need to send it to us directly prior to check in. The only personal information provided in advance is purpose of stay, name and ages of all occupants, contact phone number and email address.


You may also have the option of extending your stay by two weeks or more if additional dates have not be reserved someone else.  Additional stay would be charged at the current rate as published on AirBNB site which could be higher or lower than what you had been paying.


Generally the property is booked in advance. Landlord makes no guarantee a stay may be extended and also reserves the right to give 30 days notice to vacate at anytime during reserved time period. 

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